“You don’t really know how to talk to girls, do you?” She pondered curiously aloud, at her observation. Whoever this guy was, (Caleb, according to his name tag) she’d never seen him around here before. 

Caleb knitted his eyebrows together, shoving his hands deeper in his pockets, another small huff of breath escaping his lips. “No, I’m just —” he glanced down at his shoes, before over at the nameless girl again. “— I’m just not good at talking, I guess? Sorry…”


Ah, I had an old S10 for a while when I first came here. I only learned so I didn’t waste my life savings away in roadside assistance. Any idea of a new car? I’m bad with the mechanics but I know some models.

I actually had an old mustang, when I first moved - because that’s what I really wanted; but when I got it, it had some problems, so eventually I traded it for the blazer - and, vuala, I guess. —— Um, you know, I’m not quite sure yet - if I trade it, obviously, I’d have some choices to choose from; but if I sell it I suppose I’ll have a budget. Depends.


”Um— thanks?” She gave him an odd look before sliding into the corner booth. “What do you mean break? Are you new here? I’ve never seen you working here before—”

Caleb nodded as a way of saying your welcome, awkwardly folding his arms as he bit at his lip. “No, no… I’m not new —- I worked nights?” he uncovered his name tag that was hidden behind his hoodie and pinned to an awkwardly sized polo shirt, showcasing it for a few moments before stuffing his hands in his pockets. “But… they switched me, so - here I am—”


Now that actually sounds pretty interesting. I’m ashamed to say I don’t know much, I mean I can jump a car and change a tire if need be but that’s about it. What kind of car do you have?


That’s the basics, really, so I think you’d be set. Um —— an old blazer - not the best; I’m actually planning on trading it, or selling it, but… yeah, that’s what I got.


      “I literally come into this cafe every single day and sit there. So it’s kinda my seat. But, whatever dude, I’m not trying to pick a fight.” She shrugged.


“Right, right —- I’m sorry, I’ll move - I was just… on break? So I sat, and…” he huffed, standing up from the seat and pursing his lips together, as if that would complete his thought. “There, here’s your seat.”


Anything worth time, basically. To simplify as long as it doesn’t have me sitting on my ass doing nothing I want in.


Well… I, personally, work on my car before heading up to the coffee shop for work? I don’t know if you know anything about cars but you could, uh… tag along, if you’d like?


        “Uh— excuse me, but that’s my seat—”


“Um —— I don’t see your name on it?”

Mr. Caleb King is twenty years old, but has only lived in Northpoint for a year. He currently works as a barista at Brewed Interest.

Caleb King was ordinary, plain and simple. Growing up in New Jersey for pretty much his whole life, there wasn’t much diversity between him and his fellow Garden State residents. Strangers and siblings alike, even —— Caleb is the eldest child of two others; a brother, named Mathias, and a sister, named Bella - and with two parents that have a decent hourly pay, that meant that the five of them lived peacefully together under a roof which barely even housed all of them. However despite the small living quarters, the food on the table and the clothes on their back were enough to keep the King family satisfied. They were happy, they were healthy, and they were the town’s perfect family.

That was until Caleb grew up, of course.

When the King’s eldest son was in his junior year of high school, he felt pressured. Pressured to get good grades, pick a good college, and lead a good life. All this unwanted stress that ran through his body every day led the boy to drop out of high school —— no school, no decisions… right? Wrong. In fact, he made terrible decisions; hanging out with the wrong crowd, to be exact. Not druggies, necessarily, as you would think - but just a group of other drop outs who were never the greatest of influences. His family never liked them, and they were all sure that they never would; but in that crowd - that rotten, dirty crowd - he met the girl of his dreams.

Kristen Monstead; she was pretty, she was smart, she was… everything. From the top of her head, to the end of her toes, was all sheer perfection in young Caleb’s eyes. Which meant that he, as awkward and unsocial as he was, had to be the one to win her heart. And doing that, at first, wasn’t easy. It took him awhile to really open up to the girl, to show that he was more than just the uncoordinated kid who couldn’t even sink a basketball, but after he did - after he sucked it up and grew a pair - life seemed to change for the better. He wasn’t just the high school drop out anymore with the funky teeth and weird shaggy haircut, but he actually… meant something. He wasn’t just ordinary anymore. Or at least that’s what it felt like.

But, alas, the shoe continued to drop.

When Caleb hit eighteen, now moving out of his parents’ house and in an old apartment with Kristen just a few blocks away, his mother had unfortunately developed colon cancer —— and when she passed, that sent the whole family into a severe spiral of depression. They just couldn’t function anymore like they used to; they couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep - which caused even more problems for the eldest son.

Caleb soon grew addicted to sleeping pills, having to take them nearly every night because of the thoughts that would run through his head and would prevent him of the sleep he required. However, unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one who became dependent on the substance. Kristen - the perfect girl, carved from stone - had also developed an addiction to these pills; although her’s was much stronger than his. The stable couple that could conquer the world now took the spot at the bottom of the throne. They began to argue nearly every night, about the simplest of things, and even blow all their money on the pills they so needed. They were late on their bills almost every month because of this, too, which meant that their cute little apartment would have to go - Caleb was back in with his parents, whilst Kristen was back in with hers. They were sinking, and sinking, and sinking. How would they ever save themselves from drowning in the vast ocean of a serious addiction?

Two years later, Caleb managed to quit the substance - he realized the extent of his problem and saw that his life was continuously ruining because of it. Although Kristen wasn’t the same - she was driving under the influence, buying the pills without Caleb’s consent, and blowing their money on things so useless to what they really needed. Caleb was the one working two jobs to keep the cash coming in, and he was the one who was keeping them from from splitting entirely. After her eighth ticket from the police purely because of her possession of the pills, though, he decided that enough was enough. He couldn’t deal with it anymore.

Caleb left Kristen, took his own money, and hopped on the nearest flight to Northpoint, Maine. He needed to get away from everything; from everyone - from her. He rented out his own apartment, got another job, and now sees that this would be his fresh beginning. His clean slate, if you will - he was glad, and he could only hope that the tornado he once was caught in wouldn’t follow him wherever he goes.
Caleb may be a high school drop out, and he may have made some poor decisions, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t smart. In fact, the man is very smart - just not in the typical school subjects like every other kid tended to be. He can name every player of the New York Rangers, fix any car with the perfect part, and tell you exactly how to brew a wonderful cup of coffee. When he’s motivated to do a certain task, or when he’s passionate about a certain topic, you can bet your ass that he would work his hardest to achieve that goal or inform himself on said topic. However, he was and still is a little too shy for his liking - talking to strangers is not his forte other than the basic business conversation, and he will never be one to make himself known at a party —— or show up to a party, for that matter. And going along with his shy attitude, when he is faced with something that he didn’t necessarily agree with, his temper had the chance of flying through the roof; he is very easily frustrated, to say the least. When he’s angry, he’s angry, that was just who he was. Especially when someone would mistreat his family - the ones he loved most. He would fight until he died for all four of them, and there was no questions about that.

Caleb King is played by Ellie!

Title: Too Close
Artist: Alex Clare
Played: 2275 times

You know I’m not one to break promises.
I don’t wanna hurt you but I need to breathe.
At the end of it all, you’re still my best friend.
But there’s something inside that I need to release.
Which way is right? Which way is wrong?
How do I say that I need to move on?
You know we’re heading separate ways.


"And after a riveting conversation wherein I was asked for the pronunciation and meaning of connoisseurship, I am well and truly deserving of a drink.”


“Well… go get one, then? That’s really the only solution to that problem.”


Marlen was laying down on a blanket in the park, catching up on her Psychology homework. She hummed to herself ignoring the kids running around and playing. She furrowed her eyebrows when a shadow cast over her. She shrugged it off and continue working on her notes. But after a second, she places her pen down and looks up at the person in front of her. “Is there a reason that you are blocking my sun?”


Caleb had decided that it was a good afternoon to just walk around the town; the park, specifically. Of course, he’s done this plenty of times before - it was good for the mind, he thought - but it seemed like during each walk something was different and he couldn’t quite place it. As he stopped in his tracks to avoid getting tackled by one of the little boys roughhousing around, he barely even heard the voice next to him. “Sorry - the kids are…” he stepped aside, motioning with his hands over towards the group of boys, not even completing his sentence as he assumed she would have gotten the point. “Sorry…”

If only there was a productive way to spend a Sunday before work. It’s been 3 years and I’ve yet to find something.


I mean, I don’t know what you’re in to so I don’t think I can help you there.


"Yeah, I do. Hence the tacky polo and khakis."


“Right, sorry - that was… a stupid question.”

A look inside Caleb's head ; ( one / ??? )